Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Over 100 lbs!

Despite a terrible year for most of the hot weather crops, the harvest of my Small Sugar Pumpkins put my harvest total over 100 lbs.

September was unseasonably warm, and October has so far been warm and dry, so I may still see more ripening tomatoes come in.  But I am content to have reached 100 lbs. in my small garden, especially considering how long it took for Spring to warm up and summer to begin.

I even discovered one tiny green butternut squash starting out back, and one Fairytale pumpkin that was also tiny and green... apparently they didn't get the memo that they should be ready to harvest by now.  I am happy to see any pollinated fruits of either plant though.

Last week I was able to collect nearly a pound of seed peas from the Oregon Sugar Pod II plants, and hopefully will collect almost as much again of the Cascadia Snap peas... though I'm not sure what I'll do with so many pea seeds.

So that's the update from my garden.  Hope everyone else's are doing well and getting ready for the coming winter.


  1. Oh so many pea seeds, what do you usually do with them?

    1. I've never saved them before. I think I'll probably split them up into smaller portions and give them to friends with gardens. Maybe save some for myself for next year's planting.