Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Harvest of the Year!

I could wait no longer to harvest something from my garden.  Yesterday I harvested a full 2 ounces of lettuce for our dinner salad!  I know, it doesn't sound like much.  I could have picked more, but I'd like to let the plants fill out more before I go harvesting whole heads.  So I plucked a few leaves off of the romaine, buttercrunch, green and red leaf plants and left the remainder to continue growing.  While I did take the time to weigh it, I didn't get a picture, but it was delicious. 

Meanwhile, I have heard that strawberry season has come early in the southeast and am jealous of the beautiful berries other gardeners are already enjoying.  My berries are flowering but I still haven't seen any signs of actual berries developing.  I will have to make the push this month to finish up last year's jams, apple butter, relish, and bread and butter pickles.

Since I'm hoping to actually have a decent crop of pickling cucumbers this year I will have to invest in some quart jars, since all I currently have are pints and half pints. 


  1. Doesn't that first salad taste wonderful?!! We had a spinach salad with our dinner, picked in the morning, washed and then and chilled in the fresh, so good. I was harvesting large full heads of lettuce before mid May last year, but changed the location of my lettuce bed and it's coming in much slower this year. I've just been harvesting the outer leaves, too. I did start another really big container of seedlings though, so hopefully I can soon begin harvesting more.

  2. Yes! I probably would have had spinach by now too, but couldn't bring myself to plant any this year since the slugs ate them down to nubs last spring. I have noticed a few volunteers popping up though so I may get a bit of spinach after all.

  3. Congrats on your first harvest! I have harvested some lettuce from my garden, and I decided to leave a lot of it in to fill out more. Unfortunately, we had a heat wave and the rest of my stuff bolted. Bah!

    I hope the rest of yours does well!

    1. Thanks! Oh no, bolting is the worst. What variety did you plant? I like to know how different varieties do in other people's gardens, it helps me decide when selecting between the 500 varieties in the seed catalogs. :D