Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Target

My weekend was very productive! Not only did i get the path and strawberries cleaned up, the shrubs trimmed and fed, and some annuals planted; but I also planted the blueberry, weeded the big beds, and got started on a project to turn a triangular patch at the end of the driveway into a flower bed.  I even managed to hack back about half of the blackberries.  They were a mess, climbing over the fence from the neighbor's yard and taking root in my compost pile.

After all of that activity I checked on the weather, it looks like I can expect cool and mostly overcast days for the next week or so, but no frosts.  There's a 10% to 50% chance of rain every day this week too, perfect for keeping starts watered without drowning them.  So I moved my tray of hardy plants outside to get some (cloudy) sunshine, light rain, and cool temps.  If it gets hot and sunny again I'll move them into the shade but I doubt that will be a problem.

With the way the weather is shaping up I may even be able to get things planted earlier than last year.  It has been a rather mild March so far, especially compared to last year's pouring rain, freezing temps and snow.  just right for getting things planted, but I don't want to jump the gun too much since a hard freeze just after planting could set me back by weeks.

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  1. So far I'm happy with my seedlings, and I have some lettuces that can be moved into the garden as soon as I get around to prepping the bed. It's supposed to be warm here all week, but so far it hasn't happened, and a cold wind is blowing today. I need to get to my strawberry bed, as I saw a little blossom under all the dead leaves this morning.