Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seedling Review

Since nothing much is happening this week in the garden, other than the few strawberries I pick each morning, I thought I would give a quick breakdown of how my hot weather seedlings are doing. 

Fairy Tale and Prosperosa are both doing incredibly well.  They are large and healthy and looking great.

Cute Stuff - very healthy plants, growing better than any of the others, 100% germination.
Red Ruffled - lost a couple leaves but otherwise in great health, 5 of 6 germinated perfectly.
Rainbow Bell Pepper - these were seeds from Julie so not sure if they are a mix of varieties or if "Rainbow Bell" is the variety, also very healthy, no lost leaves, 5 of 6 germinated.
Jalapeno (Julie's) - not sure of the variety, but they have recovered nicely and appear to be in excellent health.

Bush Pickle - 100% germination, already flowering, no disease problems.  Very healthy.  Transplanted a few of these into an open square today.
National Pickling - 2 of 3 germinated perfectly, the third one sprouted late and is stunted.  All three appear to be very healthy, no flowers yet.
Marketmore 97 - 2 out of 3 germinated perfectly, third was late and is smaller.  Beginning to see spots on lower leaves.  Think it's alternaria leaf blight, but no leaves lost yet.  Lowering humidity may help control it.
Lemon - These were saved seed from my plants last year and may not even be Lemon, may be a Lemon/Marketmore, or Lemon/Wautoma, or even Lemon/Tigger melon cross.  Won't know until they fruit.  One grew well, another is stunted, and the third did not sprout at all.  They started out in good health, but are now showing signs of alternaria and lost leaves.

Tomatoes: (H=heirloom, OP=open pollinated, F1=hybrid)
(From Julie)
Siletz (OP) -  Health has improved greatly, but root system is small.  Transplanted to better container today to encourage healthier root development.
Roma (?) - very healthy after receiving adequate light, thick stalk, no disease.
Purple Prudens (?) - this plant was in the worst shape when I got it, it now has a very healthy few sets of leaves after being transplanted into a better container and receiving adequate light.  No disease.

(My seed)
Oregon Spring (OP) - these are out in the garden now, 100% germination, very healthy plants, grew quickly, producing flowers already.  No disease.
Beaverlodge Plum (OP) - Transplanted to garden today, 100% germ., v. healthy, fast grower, flowering now.  No disease.
Chadwick Cherry (H) - Transplanted today.  100% germ., v. healthy, fast grower. No disease.  This was the healthiest of the cherries I grew.
Indigo Rose (OP)- first planting failed to germinate, second planting had 50% germination.  Still very small, growing very slowly, but healthy.  No disease.
Zebra Cherry (F1) - first planting failed to germinate, 2nd planting had 50% germination.  Tiny, slow growing, healthy. No disease.
Sweet Million (F1) - 100% germination.  Slow growing, started out in good health.  Currently has disease, removed diseased leaves, waiting for recovery.
Beefsteak (OP) - 0% germ.  These were a free packet from a company I don't know well, planted 4 seeds, nothing even sprouted.  Not sure if it's because of the company, or the variety.
Black Plum (OP) - 100% germ.  Healthy, slower growing, strong stems.  No disease.
Pineapple (H) - 100% germ.  V. healthy, growing quickly, strong stems.  No disease.  These are the healthiest of the seedlings still inside.  Deep, strong roots too.
Cuore di Bue (OP) - 100% germ. 1 of the 4 is stunted, all 4 are in great health and growing quickly.  No disease.
Brandywine (H) - 100% germ. 1 of the 4 is stunted, all 4 are in great health and growing quickly.  No disease.
San Marzano Gigante 3 (OP) - 100% germ. Planted 8 and all are in great health, tall, leafy, and growing fast.  No disease.  Among the healthiest, along with Pineapple.

Everything is in pretty good shape, I'm not sure what is wrong with the Sweet Million.  It looks like it may be some type of fungus so the damaged leaves have been removed and the plant has been set out with the larger tomatoes to enjoy some sunshine.  I'm hoping the sunlight will dry it out some and I'll see some new healthy growth in the next week or so.  Whatever it is it doesn't seem to have affected the other plants.

So, of 15 varieties, only 4 have had issues.  Two of those four were hybrids; one was from a seed company I've never ordered from before, and probably won't in the future; the last was a very unusual blue variety, if it's germination is any indicator it certainly explains why this variety is so unusual. 

I was very pleased by the germination and health of the San Marzanos, since they are meant to be my primary canning tomatoes.  Hopefully I'll be able to make a report of the overall health of these varieties in the garden later in the summer, and a final report of their production and health at the end of summer as well.

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  1. Wow Amazing! That is a lot of variety you are growing for each plant type. Looking forward to see your harvest basket.