Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Will It Be Summer?

This week has been a disappointment.  The continuing cool temperatures and rainfall have slowed down growth in the garden.  No sun = no growth.  For the most part things are in good shape, but the brassicas are taking their sweet time to reach harvest.  A few days of real sunlight would have me harvesting broccoli and cabbages.  Instead, I can expect the rest of the week to continue being miserable; and the brassicas will likely take a week or even two to be ready.  The peas haven't even started blooming yet, they are tall and healthy, but haven't even gotten a single flower.  Because of the slowdown, I have dozens of tomatoes in the grow room that are ready to transplant, or at least move into bigger pots.  Until I start removing the cool weather crops I can't start planting the hot ones, and until the larger hot ones are transplanted I don't have room to move them into bigger pots.  It's a conundrum.

Wretched Oregon weather, it seems to cause me problems every year.

Oh well, at least the strawberries are coming in, and the lettuce, kale, and Swiss chard are growing in like champs.  The cool weather has kept things from bolting too.  Except the cilantro, I just can't win with cilantro.

Hoping the weather is better where you are.


  1. I have tried cilantro last year and this year. It bolts before it reaches 6 inchs tall. Maybe I can figure something out next year!

    1. Sounds about like how my cilantro turns out. There has to be some trick to it, just wish I knew what it was.

    2. Just looked it up and it seems that it will bolt when temps get above 75 degrees. And you have to pump it with nitrogen (fish emulsion 12-1-1 would work) to get good leaf production before it starts bolting. I may start some more in the house and just keep it in the coolest room under a light over the summer. Even with the AC it gets over 80 in most of the house.

  2. I can't grow cilantro here in summer, the plants just go directly to seeds since we have very hot dry summer. Cilantro only available in our garden during fall and winter.