Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photographic Evidence

Just wanted to share a few quick shots of my indoor starts, and some of the stuff outside.

Seeds started 2/25, all of the brassicas and lettuce are up.

Tray 2 - seeds started 2/27.  Nothing sprouted yet, I expect to see something this weekend.

Kale planted outside 2/1, still only the first leaves on it, after a month has passed.  It's still cold outside, and short on sun.

Cabbage planted back in August, it didn't get big before the cold started, still tiny after being out all winter.  Slugs have eaten the crap out of it too.

Just goes to show how much difference starting seeds indoors makes.  My kale inside will likely catch up to the ones outside in another week, maybe two.  And I may have to put the poor cabbage out of it's misery soon, so I can turn that bed.

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