Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Much to Report

The weather is still holding me back; the soil is still too wet to dig in, so I can't get it amended yet and start planting things.  I suppose it's for the best since we had snow over night last night.

I did manage to sneak outside during a brief interlude in the rain the other day and get the chicken wire attached to my cat-proofing frames.  I also applied the nematodes to the soil and transplanted a bunch of lettuce starts into larger pots to give them a bit more room to grow.

I would prefer to have my garlic and onions transplanted and my peas starting to grow by now, sadly that just hasn't happened yet.  Oddly, the potatoes I got started in pots a few weeks ago still don't seem to have sprouted.  I dug into the dirt a bit to see if maybe the sprouts just hadn't reached the surface yet, but didn't even see the beginnings of them on the eyes.  Can I hope that they'll still grow at some point?  This is my first attempt at potatoes and I am a bit concerned that I am doing it wrong.

 This morning I went out and made the decision to beat Mother Nature at her own game.  I put up the cat-proofing frames over one bed and threw a sheet of clear plastic over the top of the whole thing.  Hopefully this will warm the soil up and keep it dry long enough to stop being mud and become workable by the weekend.  Even if the weather keeps daunting me I am determined to get my garden started.

Fingers crossed!

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