Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunshine Has Returned... For Now

After receiving two inches of snow yesterday, it is now bright and sunny and nearly 60 degrees out.  I removed the clear plastic I had over my garden beds to allow the sunshine to dry them out more, and set my seedlings out in the greenhouse with the door opened.  It's about 57 degrees in the greenhouse and they are happily enjoying some much needed sunshine.  Fluorescent lighting only goes so far in keeping plants happy.

Sadly this is not expected to last, the rain will likely return tomorrow and stick around the rest of the week.  Hopefully, since I have other plans for my day, the soil will dry out enough today that I can finally get it amended with compost and kelp meal tomorrow morning.  Then I can get the peas, onions, garlic, and maybe even a lettuce or two planted. 

The kale in my whiskey barrel is now the same size as the ones inside, and I transplanted a couple lettuces from inside out into the barrel as well.  Of course, they then got snowed on... not sure if they'll be okay or not, but hopefully they will.

That's the update for today, and now i'm off to help a friend move.  if all goes well I'll have more to update tomorrow.

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  1. Same here, but our sunshine and temps up to the 60s is supposed to stay through the week. I have many of my seedlings enjoying a day outside, even though it's only 55 today.