Monday, March 26, 2012

Stuff I Forgot to Post

I have a collection of photos I've taken in the past few weeks that I meant to use for update posts but didn't get around to.  Here's a quick share:

My damage to the blackberry filled back yard.  I made a path to the gate, but not much more.

The rest of the back yard, including the compost pile covered in black plastic.

Back yard from the other side, you can see what was cleared better from this view.

Still have a lot more to go but I think I can get ahead of them.

I suppose those pictures should have been posted with Battle Blackberry but my son was playing Angry Birds on my phone when I posted it and I couldn't get the pictures from it.

Garden on our snow day

Front yard March 22

My son playing in the snow.
These were from our late March snow day; I've never seen it snow here this late in the year, usually March in the Willamette Valley is a toss up of sun, rain, and occasional spatterings of hail.  Never snow, and never this much.

My rhubarb arrived in the mail last week and is now potted up and ready to grow.

Salvaged winter cabbage from the garden bed; potted and moved to a sunnier location in hopes of an early cabbage.

All the starts enjoying a bit of sunshine in the greenhouse.
Originally I had intended to plant the rhubarb and artichokes in the ground near the strawberries, but since our situation has changed and we may be moving to a new home next Spring** (/fingers crossed) I decided to pot the rhubarb instead to more easily take it with us.  I don't have enough large pots for the artichokes though so they will likely go into the ground and be dug up when we move.

**The management is looking to move a new house into the empty lot next to us; putting our neighbor's back door within 10 feet of our porch, and likely shading out my garden completely.  So we will be saving up to buy a house this year. With a big backyard and garden space!

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