Monday, August 20, 2012

Kitchen Is Finished!

Wow, kitchen remodeling made for a crazy week.  It's all done now, except for a few final touches, and I'm very happy with the result.  I pinched a nerve in my arm during the week though and it has been almost completely out of commission. 

Even the garden was kind enough to give me a few harvests while I was elbow deep in sanding dust, so I'd say the week was a win in every way.

The kitchen in its original form
My brother tearing out the coat closet

After removing the cabinet doors

Jenn working on refinishing the buffet in the dining room

Lower cabinets are gone!

New countertops getting put in place

Sink almost in.

Alex, being helpful.

Wow, what a mess!

Buffet all finished, still need to paint the wall behind it.

After removing the old island

All finished! Is it obvious what the next big job will be?
I am loving the new kitchen.  It's much more functional, even though it's laid out nearly the same as before.  There are a lot more drawers and better cabinet space to store everything.  A few little things still need to be finished, like touch up staining, painting the buffet wall, hanging the curtains, and building the bookshelf that will fit under the end of the island to hold cookbooks, but the biggest jobs are complete and the kitchen is usable again.  Eventually we will get to the next big project, installing new floors throughout the kitchen and dining room.

zucchini, cucumber, and peas

Potatoes (don't let the picture fool you, they are tiny)

Cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes
While I was busy with the kitchen, the garden still managed to give me a few pounds of veggies.  Nothing spectacular... but that seems to be how things are going this year. 


  1. Kitchen renovations are so hard to live through, but so worth it when they are done! We did ours ourselves, and I have a couple of issues with the workmanship, but over all I'm much happier with it. You are lucky you could use the pre-finished counter tops. One section of mine was way too wide, so we had to use the sheet Formica, and I have a bad seam. Right where the light from the window falls on it to show it off really well :-(

    1. Luckily, my only wide area of countertop was the island, so we went with a butcher block top on it. It was a real pain to cut, router, sand, and seal it but I'm impressed with our skills cuz it looks fabulous now that it's finished. Not bad for amateurs! ;)

  2. Fine harvests---the potatoes look great. I get a bit of scab on mine, but it's harmless, I guess.
    Kitchens are the WORST rooms to redo because we need them so much. I don't know how you did it during gardening season.

    1. I guess having crappy weather and a really poor tomato turnout served me well. lol

      I've still only picked 6 tomatoes and about a dozen cherry tomatoes this year and summer's nearly over!