Sunday, April 28, 2013

Where Do I Start?

I actually had a moment this morning when I looked over the garden and thought "maybe I should just scrap it this year?"  There is still so much work to do, I only have one bed planted, and haven't even prepped the other beds or planted the hot weather seeds yet.  Then I thought to myself "no, I can still do it, just a couple days of work will get me caught up.  It's not too late yet."

So I started turning the second bed.

Life has been kind of crazy the past few weeks, lots of trips down south to Eugene and even Medford.  Family chaos, continuing cruddy weather, and just generally trying to keep up with the necessities has left me way behind on the garden.

My broccoli have taken off though and the tiny little heads I spotted in the largest ones were the boost I needed to get moving on the garden again.  Despite the fact that everything else in that one bed is still small, my husband forgot to water my starts while I was in Medford this week, and I still have nowhere to plant my potatoes... I will do my best to salvage things.

On that note, I sympathize with the gardeners out there who were still seeing snow fall last week.  I also could use some advise on a tiny caterpillar in webbing rolled into the leaves of my cherry tree.  I have no idea what they are, but I'm guessing they aren't good.  Though the tree itself is doing really well and seems to be in good health.  How do I get rid of the little critters before the cherries come in?  (assuming I get ANY cherries this year).

One thing I know we'll see plenty of this year is strawberries, they sent runners and moved their way further along the bed last year.  Also my daughter put a few in a planter in the front yard when I asked her to relocate a few runners from the path.  Not exactly what I'd intended as a strawberry bed, but oh well, they seem to like it.

The single blueberry bush I planted weeks ago has more than doubled in size and is covered in little white flowers.  I am surprised it is doing so well.  I think it liked the vinegar I poured into its planting hole.  I'm kind of wishing I had bought a few more, but I'd like to see how well it produces and if the berries are very good before I plant a bunch of the same variety.

I guess that's all for this update, time for me to get some lunch and then get down to the store for potting soil and some basil starts to replace the ones my husband killed.

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