Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Harvests 2013

The past three years my first harvests of the year have been peas, lettuce, kale or strawberries.  For some bizarre reason this year the first harvest was broccoli, and the next was spearmint and a winter carrot. 

Alex was very excited to have one of his August planted carrots finally reach eating size!

Sadly, the peas, lettuce and kale are still not ready.

The greens bed is still under cat screens.
 My little blueberry bush is just starting to have real berries on it, they are still tiny and green, but they are out there.  And last but not least, I planted the triangle by the driveway with bulbs and a few perennials, hopefully I'll get a few cut flowers out of it by the end of the year.

 Hope everyone else's gardens are kicking off to a great start!


  1. Broccoli already! Mine is a long way from harvest, but I'll have sugar snap peas before long. No cat problems here, but I'm about ready to put my entire garden under bird protection :-(

    1. Apparently none of my bird population is big on veggies. I have seed eaters and bug eaters, but have never seen bird damage on the plants. I'm very excited about the broccoli! i usually don't get to leave them in long enough for side shoots because I need the space for the hot weather plants, but since they are already producing heads I may actually get some more broccoli before I have to pull them.