Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And The Tide Just Keeps Rolling In!

 Well, if nothing else, my harvests have been plentiful!  The broccoli is long done, and my remaining cabbage and all of the cauliflower were pulled.  What a shame, but they just weren't doing anything, and i need the space!

Lettuce, mint, kale, Swiss chard, and strawberries.
 The lettuce are almost ready to bolt and i still have 8 heads in the garden, and 2 in the fridge.  I think it's time to start giving them away!  My lavender and mint have grown so much this year I couldn't get to the peas to pick them, so they both got a trim and are hanging to dry. 

Lettuce, lavender, garlic, and strawberries.

 Both the kale and Swiss chard were pulled, all but two squares of them, but not before I got another pound+ of greens off them.  I have no idea how I'm going to make enough room for all the tomatoes and peppers with so many things still growing!  My few heads of garlic turned out to be large and beautiful and ready to cure earlier than last year's.  Such a pretty purple/pink and white striped variety!

Oh look... more strawberries.
 The strawberries just keep piling in, my estimated grand total in berries so far is about 14 lbs. And there are still more coming in.  All of the jam is made, there are 2 gallons of frozen berries already, and they just keep coming.  It's kind of unfair to my husband, since he can no longer gorge himself on strawberry shortcake during the season.
Kale and Swiss chard.  BTW, this basket is huge.
Just for a sense of scale, my harvest basket is big enough to fit two gallon milk jugs in... that's how much vegetable goodness is in that basket.  I'm very happy with this year's garden, and considering how slim it was last year, and what a disappointment it was (yet I still got over 120 lbs.), I have a feeling this year is gonna blow me away.

First sugar snap peas were ready today, 4.5 ozs.
 Finally, the snap peas have just started coming in, which seems a bit late.  The snow peas still haven't blossomed though.  And my blueberry bush, while still pretty tiny, is positively dripping with unripe berries, and even one RIPE one!  I'm excited to see how this turns out, since the plant seems happy enough.

My very first blueberry is ripening.  I'm wishing I had planted more than one bush.
 I'm hoping to convince my brother to give me a hand building another planting bed as well, to help get the peppers and cukes in... I just have to find some space for it. ;)

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