Friday, June 7, 2013

The Strawberries Pay Off Quickly

Thanks mostly to the massive influx of strawberries, the first week of June has paid off with as many pounds harvested as in ALL of May.  Strawberries and broccoli have been the majority of the harvests; but the kale, Swiss chard, and lettuce are recuperated enough now for some decent harvests. 

Yesterday I planted the first of the tomato starts.  I'm a little concerned that I got overzealous again though, I have 48 tomatoes, and 48 squares in my beds... so where will I put the peppers and cucumbers??  I still havent prepared a place for the potatoes either.  But my neighbor's daughter offered to do yardwork for me to earn some money, so maybe I can get her to dig a potato bed for me. :D

Meanwhile, my snap peas started to flower yesterday, so I should be seeing some peas fairly soon.  I was really productive yesterday and got my pumpkin bed completely planted, including a new trellis for the pole beans.  Pumpkins, beans, and zucchini are all in the ground finally. 

I'm really excited about the difference in weather this year, last year was so cold for so long, I am glad I can actually get the tomatoes planted now instead of having to wait for the cold weather plants to finish up until July!

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