Monday, February 20, 2012

Mid-Winter Blues

Posting is slowing down as my patience with the cold and dreary weather is fading.  The one week of sun at the beginning of the month got me excited to start work on the garden, which is good since it gave me a head start on cleaning up, but it left me unsatisfied and even more lackluster about the next few weeks.  It is so unpleasant outside I can't even work up any interest in spreading my last few bags of bark mulch.

I did, however, finally settle on the type of plant to put in front of the house.  I selected a dwarf Bing cherry tree.  Now I just have to double check that there aren't any power lines running beneath my planting spot and wait for a day when it'll be nice enough to dig a hole.

More on that later, I will have a post including pictures showing the tree and how to plant it!

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