Friday, February 24, 2012

Support for Anywhere Eden

It occurs to me that while I love to garden, and love seeing my efforts rewarded, I would also love to make my garden pay for itself rather than cost me.

In part it does pay for itself, in fresh fruits and veggies, canned and frozen goods, and organic foods at a discount.  But my goal is to have it not just offset grocery costs, but actually pay for itself.  Part of that is saving my own seeds, part is making compost.  Both of these things cut my costs down, but don't quite leave me with a zero balance.

Growing starts to sell, even at dramatically lowered prices will make a big difference.  If I can sell 10 starts for 50 cents each I will have paid for a bag of potting mix, or 2-3 packs of seeds.  If possible I'd like to get my starts to pay for my seeds each year; my canned goods to recover the cost of the jars and canning supplies; my frozen foods to save me the cost of the freezer bags; and eventually my blog to cover the cost of my tools/trellises/etc.

This blog is here to help others, to give them tips and firsthand experiences so they can learn from my mistakes and keep trying to grow the best garden they can.  It is also ad funded and I can only hope that over time the ad revenue will grow enough to make my garden truly cost free.

So please, if you enjoy the blog and appreciate all the time and effort I put into it, click an ad before you leave to help support my self-sufficient garden. ;)  And tell your friends about it so they can stop in too!

And thanks in advance to everyone who's reading, whether or not you click the ads!

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