Monday, July 30, 2012

Harvest Monday: July 30th

Pickings have been slim this week, the beans are going strong, and the peas are in their second wave, but the cukes and peppers and tomatoes are only just starting to catch on that it's time to produce.

For some reason my zucchini are not getting very large, I think they are lacking pollination.  The slugs love that the zucchini fruit run along the ground and have been feasting on them, which means that I am actually having a shortage of zucchini this year.

First picking of beans.

Oh look, more beans!

Big harvest after being away all weekend.
I've actually harvested about 3 lbs. of veggies this week, but didn't get pictures of everything.  I did remember to weigh it all though and my harvest total for the year has finally hit 50 lbs.  Still, this is turning out to be a very unproductive year, part of which I'm sure is due to the weather, but it is also partly due to my double-planting I'm sure.  The hot weather crops were planted so late that they are still struggling to grow before they fruit.

I'm confident that by next Monday I'll have some impressive cucumbers to list among my harvests though.

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