Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weather it Rains or Not

It's 55 degrees, and 100% humidity out there... doesn't 100% humidity mean that we're underwater?  You'd think it would.

Instead we've had a cool, refreshing shower all day.  Great weather for slugs.  Also great for the cauliflowers and cabbages.  Turns out that I planted Spring cauliflower in the right year.  Still not hot enough to ruin them even though it's July.

The peas are in mad production mode and weighed down with pods.  I'll be picking them tomorrow to keep them producing, but am waiting out today in hopes that a bunch of pods will be ready all at once.  It makes the blanching and freezing much easier.

The beans have just started to bloom, and the zucchini are popping out several female flowers at a time.  Despite the weather my cucumbers are just beginning to produce female flowers as well, though I don't expect the first few to do much since the pollinators are staying warm and dry at home instead of doing their jobs.  I am definitely starting to despair about the hot weather plants this year.  I may end up having to cover the beds with plastic once the brassicas are out and the tomatoes have started to fruit, just to get them hot enough to ripen.  We're down to about 70 days of good hot weather (potentially) this year. 

Crossing my fingers for a heat wave here!


  1. Give me about a week of the expected 90-plus degree days, and I'll be glad to come sit with you in the cool, even if it's wet! I must say, the viney things are really taking off here, probably growing 6" a day!

    1. Even with the weather my viney pumpkins are starting to pick up the pace and grow. Nowhere near 6" a day, but at least they are growing now.