Monday, July 30, 2012

Pirates, Peter, Pirates!

i have several posts today so I will be keeping them short.

The pirate camping event was tons of fun and I tried to get a few pictures to share but pirates are notorious for their dislike of cameras.

 A few pictures of the campsite are above and below, people really get into being appropriately period.

One of the "ships".

Mina and my husband, all dressed up and ready for fun.

One of my favorite ships, The Redemption, was built from a gutted motor home.
 After the pirate event I got a few days of rest, and had some guests, then headed south to Eugene to visit friends.  Including super cute babies!
Jaxon was so happy to see me!
 Then there were sushi lunches, visits with more friends, and a birthday party to attend.

Yum, can never get enough sushi.
After all of this adventure I'm finally home and things are getting back to normal.  No more traveling for me for a while.  Now back to the garden I go...

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