Friday, July 13, 2012

Sweet Million and Others

Time for a few pictures.

Sweet Million
 Remember the sad, purple Sweet Million cherry tomato I planted? It was nothing more than a skinny stem with a tuft of sad leaves on top.  Well, it is in great health now.  Never underestimate the value of nutrition.  That is the lesson I learned. 
Promise of tomatoes to come
 Despite the never-ending Spring weather we had I am finally seeing more than a few little green tomatoes plumping up.  They are nearly a month later than normal, but they are there.  I may have to cover the plants in plastic though to get the temperature hot enough to ripen them.

It's tiny, but it's there.
 The cucumbers have finally gotten a few pollinated female flowers, I am impatiently waiting for them to grow to eating size now.
Cilantro flowering in front.
 I think I may continue to grow cilantro just for the flowers, the smell is fantastic and the tiny little braconid wasps seem to love it.
Garden portrait shot.

Pumpkins, beans, and zucchini
The pumpkin bed is catching up, pumpkin vines on the left side are working their way up the shed.  The Speedy and Royal Burgundy bush beans are piled high with beans that are a day or two away from harvest.  Despite its name, Speedy doesn't seem to be any speedier than the Royal Burgundy though.  The pole beans in the back (Fortex, I think) are slowly working their way up the fence, but still a long way from having a harvest.  The zucchini has had a few flowers pollinate and I have been watching the fruit daily to determine the best time to pick it.

Pretty soon the Summer harvests will start rolling in, but for the moment I'm getting a break with all the Spring harvests finished and a week or so before the Summer ones really start up.

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