Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Back!... And I'm Off Again.

After a fantastic pirate weekend the whole family has been exhausted.  We've spent the week recovering, easing the aches and pains and sunburn; unpacking, cleaning and storing the gear; and visiting with some unexpected guests.

I knew I would have Mina's best friend visiting this week, but was caught unawares by my brother following me home from the camping trip, then my sister called and asked to visit the next day.  It was a busy week with a lot going on. 

Not a whole lot has been happening in the garden this week luckily, mostly just picking the few peas, tons of beans and a few zucchini that were ready. 

I'd love to include pictures and take more time to post but it took me all morning just to catch up on Facebook, email, Twitter, and everyone's blog posts.  I'm already running late getting out the door to return the teenager to Eugene, and I'll be staying down there sans children for the weekend. 

It will be refreshing to get out of the house without the kids (the one downside to stay-at-home parenting is no time kid-free).  Hopefully I'll return Sunday rejuvenated and ready to do some blogging for Harvest Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend all!

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  1. After our first vacation in over 2 years I realized that summer vacations do clash with summer gardens, but both are to wonderful to give up :)!